Thesis Defended

Today I’m happy to share that I sucessfully defended my thesis titled Towards Mitigating Co-Incident Peak Power Consumption and Managing Energy Utilization in Heterogeneous Clusters on April 29th, 2018.

In March 5th, 2000, the day after my tenth birthday, my mom and I landed in New York City. We arrived at the airport with two suitcases, a few personal belongings, and a laundry list of hopes and dreams. Looking back on that moment, writing this acknowledgement section to thank all the people that helped me along the way to getting a PhD feels surreal.

There are many folks without whom this thesis would not be possible. Their help, guidance, support, and patience have proved crucial to this achievement.

From my days in the Port Washington, NY:

From my days at Binghamton University:

From my friends and family:

My current and former colleagues at PayPal:

The folks at the Apache Aurora and Apache Mesos projects, without whom my work presented here would not have been possible.

Last but not least my advisor, Madhusudhan Govindaraju, who always found a way to keep the process engaging and entertaining.

I’d also like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Bridges to Doctorate (BD) program as well as the Clifford D. Clark Diversity Fellowship for providing me with funding which has allowed me to achieve this goal.

This thesis is dedicated to my late grandparents Waldo Rueda Jara and Carmen Sáez Sepúlveda and my late step father Luis Araya.